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Style: in hand.

Sassy Saks are crafted from a variety of premium fabrics including silks, satins and velvets. Handmade in Maui, Hawaii with a great attention to detail, each handbag is one-of-a-kind, unique and fashionable.

Handmade in Maui, Hawaii

Design your purse to be as individual as you are.

Choose any one of our many styles and select the perfect fabric to complement your individuality.

Add a fun, beaded trim or keep it elegeant and simple - it's up to you!

We will create your exclusive purse and deliver it within 14-28 days.



Sassy Saks are a thoughtful, unique gift idea for any occasion... perfect for birthday, anniversary, baby shower, wedding, graduation or Mother's Day. Contact us today to design your very own one-of-a-kind Sassy Sak.

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Sassy Sleeve

Having a hot cup of tea or coffee, our Sassy Sleeves are ready for you! Our newest product is sure to get noticed when you stop by your favorite coffee house! Slip on one of our reusable, reversible, thermal cup sleeves and be the talk of the shop.

Sassy Sleeve

We use insulated thermal lining between the two layers of sassy and soft cotton fabric to keep the drink warm and your hands cool. Easy to stash in your desk, purse or car to keep it on hand.




• Our products are handmade in Maui, Hawaii USA. •